D. O. G. Processsing

Derive One Gene Processing

This webform generates and displays positions of codons in a DNA sequence. Options to select different sets of the codons are given. They can be normilized to a whole percentage number so positions of a codon can be relativly determined in more than one protein. Please enter a fasta sequence to give a title to the graph.

Codons to highlight (default selected are dirty dozen and start codes ATG, TTG and GTG)

AT only TTT (F) AAA (K) ATT (I) TAA (stop) TAT (Y) ATA (I) TTA (L) AAT (N)
AT rich TTG (L) TCT (S) TTC (F) TCA (S) AGT (S) TAG (stop) CTT (L) CTA (L) ATC (I) ATG (M) GTT (V) GTA (V) TAC (Y) ACT (T) ACA (T) TGT (C) TGA (stop) CAT (H) CAA (Q) AAC (N) AAG (K) GAT (D) GAA (D) AGA (R)
GC rich GTC (V) CTG (L) TCC (S) TCG (S) CTC (L) GTG (V) CCT (P) CCA (P) ACC (T) ACG (T) GCT (A) GCA (A) TGC (C) TGG (W) CAC (H) CAG (Q) GAC (E) GAG (E) CGT (R) CGA (R) AGC (S) AGG (R) GGT (G) GGA (G)
GC only CCC (P) GGG (G) CCG (P) GGC (G) CGC (R) GCG (A) GCC (A) CGG (R)

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(Select none)

Dirty Dozen
Dirty dozen codons are selected based on their lack of use in a evolutionary distant set of proteins.

Start codes (ATG, GTG, TTG)
selects 3 known start codes

Everything [AT]x[AT]
selects codons that start and end with a A or T nucleotide.

Everything but [GC]x[GC]
Codons that do not have the combination of a G or C in the starting and ending position.

Everything AT3
Codons that end in a A or a T.

Oceans 11
11 codons that are least used in AT rich species. Based on mycoplasma mycoides (GC=24%)

Selects the codons that code for the amino acid Gly, Ala. Arg and Pro.

Graph normalize sequence data to 100% (colors will not work with this option)
Reverse complement of sequence in text box




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