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The Duax Lab is having problems running scans on expasy's prosite servers. So we decided to mimic our own prosite sever. The databases are locally stored and all the processes are run locally so we are not using expasy's resources. To begin please fill in the form below:


PROSITE pattern(s)/profile(s) to scan for: Enter one or more PROSITE accession number(s) (e.g. PS50240), and/or identifier(s) (e.g. CHEB), and/or type your pattern(s) in PROSITE format in the box below:
(leave this box blank to scan sequence(s) against the

and specify your search limits (only used if no protein data specified) :

  • Protein database(s):  Swiss-Prot  TrEMBL
  • Output Type: Prosite Default Entire Sequence

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