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LSID Protein-Protein Interactions Project

Coronavirus Proteins

nsp1 nsp5 nsp9 nsp13 nucleocapsid Orf3a Orf8a/b
nsp2 nsp6 nsp10 nsp14 spike Orf3b Orf9a/b
nsp3 nsp7 nsp11 nsp15 membrane Orf6
nsp4 nsp8 nsp12 nsp16 envelope Orf7a/b

Protein-protein interactions at VirHostNet

SARS-CoV protein-protein interactions

Influenza A Proteins

Non-structural protein 1 (NS1) Nuclear export protein (NEP) Nucleoprotein (NP)
Polymerase A (PA) Polymerase B1 (PB1) Polymerase B2 (PB2)
Matrix Protein 1 (M1) Ion Channel protein (M2)
Hemagglutinin (HA) Neuraminidase (NA)

Protein-protein interactions

Inf A protein-protein interactions

Avian vs. Human Protein mutations

see Table of comparisons

Current strains in use:

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